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Does Your Business Need a Website - Who Should Design It?

Patrick Morgan
Anyone in the business world knows that when someone asks, "What's your website address?" you better have a URL to give them. They don't want to hear "I don't have one yet" or "I'm working on it". Having an established, professional looking website, always scores credibility points for the business owner.
Of utmost importance is far better to not have a website than to have a nonprofessional, cheesy looking site. You will do much more damage to your business by portraying your company in a less than top-notch light.

If you need hosting, web design or internet advertising
please call 415-0776 or click here.

If you need hosting, web design or internet advertising
please call 415-0776 or click here.

The NetSmartz Workshop® is an educational
resource for children
aged 5 to 17, parents, and teachers
on how to stay safer on the Internet

Welcome to Smithville!
We hope you find this information source valuable as you discover more about the community of Smithville, Missouri. Today, Smithville retains the charm of a small town in a rural area while being at the doorstep of a major metropolitan area, Kansas City, with all its advantages and opportunities. Smithville enjoys the advantage of bordering a major reservoir, Smithville Lake, which has developed a large variety of recreational opportunities. Excellent boating and fishing facilities, as well as two full service marinas, swimming, camping and picnicing facilities.

Smithville's downtown Heritage District has been preserved to reflect the history of Smithville. Places to shop, stroll and eat line the area from Bridge to Main streets. All the buildings that flank the courtyard are original structures that have been preserved. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the many community events that are planned in the historic district. The home featured above is a well-known Smithville landmark — the historic Apollo House. It is named for the statue of Apollo which was purchased at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.

Smithville is a community to be proud of. Visit Smithville here, then come for a visit to our town!

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