The Heritage District of Smithville

The historic district of Smithville is a lesson in tenacity, loyalty, and devotion. In the spirit of the heart of the early days of Smithville, monthly special events were fashioned around the stories of days gone by. It was apparent, from the history of Smithville, that the early settlers worked hard, took care of each other in the face of disaster, and then met on the corner of Bridge and Main Streets on Saturday night to visit and have fun! Smithville Heritage District Merchants Association (SHDMA) is dedicated to this legacy. In an effort to facilitate opportunities for our growing communities to get to know one another, cultivate community pride and awareness, keep our history alive and share it with visitors, SHDMA sponsors family-friend special events from March through November. This organization is made up of merchants and friends of Smithville who are dedicated to securing a good name for their town through opportunities in cultural and educational entertainment. That is why we say, Smithville has a past worthy of remembrance and a future worthy of celebration!

SHDMA is dedicated to the restoration, preservation and revitalization of Smithville, Missouri. Having experienced phenomenal growth in the past few years, we saw a growing need to protect the elements that drew such large numbers. In an effort to facilitate the needs of families and children of all ages, a panel of involved and concerned business owners and professionals have given their time and talents to investigating the necessary environmental factors needed to service our community effectively. At the same time we saw a need to bring back life to the historic area for Smithville. A National landscape contest was held for the design for the Courtyard. Professional architectural experts were brought in to inspect the integrity of the buildings and a plan was developed for beautification to update the historic district in a manner that reflects the history of Smithville. SHDMA brings the past and the future together - for today.

Cheri Gilstrap, Director
Smithville Heritage District Merchants Association,
Smithville Community Betterment Association,