The City of Smithville
107 W. Main
Smithville, MO 64089-0061

Mike Schrage

City Clerk
Judy Clough
Economic Development
Sandy Butler

Police Chief
Paul Vescovo

Mission Statement

The Smithville Board of Aldermen and City Staff realize that the purpose of city government is to serve the citizens of the community.

Therefore the City of Smithville is committed to providing responsible local government so that its citizens can enjoy the benefits of living and working in Smithville.

We intend to achieve our goal through:

PRIDE OF SERVICE in all that we say and do.

COOPERATION AND COMMUNICATION with one another and with the citizens
to ensure open government.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT OF SERVICES through cost-effective use of
resources and personnel.

LEADERSHIP AND KNOWLEDGE in our roles as policy makers and representatives
of the community.

Directory of Information

Numerical Overview

Water Department Information Guide